Barnaul Ammo BRN3006SPRBRSPBT168 Rifle Ammo 30-06 Springfield 168 gr Soft Point Boat-Tail (SPBT) 20 Bx/


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The .30-06 Springfield or 7.6263mm in metric notation was introduced to the United States Army in 1906, and continued in use until the early 1980s. The .30-06 remained the U.S. Army's primary .30 caliber rifle and machine gun cartridge for nearly 50 years and is still widely used by many military's throughout the world. The Barnaul 30-06 round comes in 168 grain, Full metal Jacket & Soft Point with thin polymer coating which helps in ammo longevity, feeding and extraction, the economical price allows for more practice and fun range time.bug

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