Nightstick TAC300BK01 Tactical Long Gun Light Kit Universal White LED 180 Lumens Black Polymer


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SKU: TSW_20581
SKU: TSW_20581

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The Nightstick Tactical Long Gun Light Kit provides everything necessary to add a high-power tactical light to any long gun that has a Picatinny or Weaver rail. The Nightstick TAC-300B polymer tactical light is rated at 180 lumens. Combined with a high-efficiency deep parabolic reflector, the beam on the TAC-300B is distance rated at 190 meters perfect for long-distance target acquisitions. With a wide secondary halo of light, the TAC-300B is equally effective in CQB situations. With its momentary on/off design, the Remote Pressure Switch assures the operator of complete control over the full power of the light. The light is made from a glass-filled nylon polymer. Kit includes the TAC-300B tactical light, standard tail switch with momentary or constant-on functionality, removable pocket clip, Remote Pressure Switch, Quad Lock Mount, self-adhesive Velcro strip and two CR123 Li-ion Batteries.bug []array(0) { }

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