spiderwire braid stealth

Spiderwire Stealth Braid 15lb Moss Green


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SpiderWireSTEALTH BRAID FISHING LINEENHANCED CASTING and COLOR TECHNOLOGYTEFLON TREATED MICROFIBERS SMOOTH CASTING100% Brand NEW15 LB – 125 YARDS (114 M)Color: MOSS GREENSpiderWire has been a renegade from its very beginning. Back in 1994, a California high-end manufacturer of law enforcement equipment discovered that the high-tech fibers they used for bulletproof vests were ideal for other applications, including super-strong fishing line. Today, SpiderWire continues to push to the edge of current technology to make the strongest, thinnest, most sensitive lines on the market. – Braid- Quiet, smooth casting- Mono manageability

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