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Twister Tails – 3″ (100 Count)


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These are a great staple piece to have in your tackle box –  they are fantastic for all species fresh & saltwater! Anywhere from a 2″-4″ is recommended for bass & walleye. This is a staple during the Walleye Run here on the Maumee River. It is used with the Carolina Rig. Also commonly known as Curl Tail Grubs

3″ pairs well with a Medium (#2) Floating Jig Head!

  • Colors:

    Red, White Firetail, Rocket Red, Neon Pink, Pink Sparkle, Orange, Chartreuse, Clear Chartreuse, Sparkle Chartreuse, Chartreuse Pepper, Milktreuse, Lime Chartreuse, Green Sparkle, Chartreuse Firetail, Motor Oil w/ Gold Flake, Purple w/ Blue Metallic Flake, Black, Clear Pepper, White

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