ZRO Delta 65GRGR0001 Game Ready 6.5 Grendel 18″ Black Black Adjustable with Adjustable Cheek Piece & LOP Stock Black Polymer Grip Right Hand with USO TS-12 MHR


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This product is available online only for delivery or for special order pickup in our store. It is not available in store for walk-in customers.

FFL restricted items must be shipped to a Licensed FFL. Please review our Firearms Sales Policy for additional details.

The Game Ready is the hunting rifle you wanted before anyone ever thought of making it. Featuring a 20 cold hammer forged barrel, LVOA rail, Top Hat muzzle brake, ELG fire control group, and enhanced bolt carrier, the Game Ready is assembled, mounted, and boresighted before it ever leaves the factory. This combination allows you to purchase your rifle, insert a magazine, and successfully engage targets from 10 to 1000m.bug

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