Do-it Drop Shot Sinker Mold Finesse


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Drop-shot rigging puts the weight at the end of the line. The hook and bait are tied above. The bait can be set at a determined distance above the bottom. The #7 Do-It  Line Grip Swivel has a V-shape in the eye to grip the line without tying. Drop-shot Sinkers can easily be replaced or adjusted. Should it become snagged, the sinker pulls off the line, but the hook remains. Because of its shape, the Round Drop-shot Sinker is ideal for soft bottoms and the Finesse Drop-shot is best for rocky bottoms or areas of high vegetation.Round Drop Shot Sinker FDS-8-AItem# TypeCollarCavitiesSalt Compatible  3377  Finesse Drop Shot Sinker  N/A  8 (1 Each Size)  No Sizes (oz.)1/321/161/83/161/43/81/25/8Insert#7 Do-it Line Grip Swivel

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