Fat Salty Tube Baits 3.5 (100 Count)


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SKU: MT-fstb100
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Additional Info

These super versatile tube baits are heavily salt impregnated and come in a wide variety of translucent colors that don’t cloud. They react to every swirl, and current, or hop and hesitate when jigged. Great for small mouth bass.Please specify your color of choice in the comments when ordering. Tube Bait Color Chart Watermelon Pepper Watermelon Pepper Purple Flake Watermelon Pepper Gold Flake Watermelon Pepper Copper Flake Lite Watermelon Pepper Green Pumpkin Pepper Green Pumpkin Pepper Copper Flake Green Pumpkin Pepper Gold Flake Chartreuse Pepper Chartreuse Silver Flake Erie Green Smoke Pepper Smoke Pepper Small Silver/Gold Flake  Pearl Silver Flake Lite Blue Pearl Pepper Clear Salt And Pepper Firecracker Dark Brown Pepper Dark Brown Pepper Copper Flake Dark Brown Pepper Chartreuse Pepper Skirt  Black Blue And Pruple Flake

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