Lets talk MINNOWS and LEECHES–already a shortage of Emerald Shiners




So here we go again — Lake Erie Emerald Shiners are becoming difficult to catch-already. As many of you know the last 2 years its was very difficult to get Lake Erie Emerald Shiners. Between the bad weather , the full moon which disperses the minnows and makes them uncatchable for a few days , and the large number of baby walleye, perch and white bass eatin em up , it was almost impossible to get these shiny bait fish. Well we are in the same boat again which is earlier than it has occurred in the last 2 years. I will have fathead minnows available all season at our same price of $2.75 per dozen. Right now at the current market rate I would have to charge close to $6 a dozen to even cover the cost-thats if I could even get them shipped in from out of state or whoever has them–believe me that as you get closer to Lake Erie the going rate will be close to that $6 mark from now on thru summer.
This season I also will have some golden shiner- a very large minnow about the size of a small bluegill. These are great Bass, Pike and Catfish bait.
I have these at $2.99 a half dozen and $5.99 a dozen
We also have leeches available at $ 3.99 a dozen.
Leeches don’t get a lot of attention as live bait but they can really get a walleye’s attention.Leeches are easier to maintain then minnows when it comes to live bait. They can often be kept alive from spring into the fall. They aren’t as temperature sensitive and need less oxygen then minnows. They can even survive without food but they do need to clean themselves. Leeches are ideal summer bait. By mid-summer, natural populations of leeches are on the decline. After the adults deposit their cocoons, they die off. This makes the leech on the line a much more appealing prospect. Proper hooking is important when fishing for walleye with leeches. The large sucker toward the tail is the best spot to place the hook. When leeches are hooked through the head sucker, they tend to curl into a ball. This will make them useless as bait.Leeches often get bad reputations as live bait. These durable and hearty creatures make excellent bait year round. A juicy leech dangling in their path is all the motivation a walleye or small mouth bass needs to take a bite.

Bait Menu
Fathead minnows -$2.75 doz
Golden Shiners- $2.99 half doz/ $5.99 doz
Leeches – 3.99 doz
Night Crawlers- 2.35 doz / $4.40 per 2 doz
Green Night Crawlers- $3.30 per doz
Leaf/Red worms – $3.25 per 2 doz
Flat of Nightcrawlers (500 worms)- $60–prepaid

We will have crawfish in a few weeks as well.

Thanks, be safe, have fun and good luck fishing!