Maumee River And Lake Erie Report-Announcing The New Custom Maumee Tackle Fishing Pole

Maumee River And Lake Erie Report-Announcing The New Custom Maumee Tackle Fishing Pole
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Fall fishing as you have probably heard, can be some of the best fishing of the year. It can also be the hardest season to pattern at the beginning. Fish  are definitely going to be trying to stock up on a layer of winter fat, but where will they be.
For example, as fall marches on, shad and other forage fish in many systems school in predictable places. When hungry bass, perch and walleye move in for a meal, smart anglers can enjoy epic action.September -Perch fishing on Lake Erie gets into full swing.  You will continue to catch walleyes into October, though not as fast paced as the prime summer months, as they are on their migratory moves.  We begin to see steelhead trout show up near shore!  Whether you choose perch or walleye you should do well on your trip.October fishing duplicates September’s as long as gale force winds do not force you off the water.  Depending on their geographic location you can catch steelhead trout, as well as excellent charters for yellow perch.  Depending on mother nature sometimes walleyes park themselves along the shoreline, and the shore /pier fishing can be awesome.
We are pleased to announce the release of a new product this week ! The Maumee Tackle Custom Fishing Rod!

We took the best of each and put it all  together in one rod. 

From our beginnings as a small family business to launching our first online shop , we’ve tried to stay true to our core value – “Our Goal is Your Fishing Success”. We aim to deliver an exceptional experience at an affordable price for our community of fishermen and online customers. As a small store in Maumee ,Ohio  we hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story as we move towards our goals of keeping a family business at the heart of everything we do.
It has been designed from the ground up to handle modern venues and techniques, from catching Walleye in the river , bass fishing the local ponds and throwing those crank baits out on Lake Erie .We  listened to our customers and taken into consideration all the aspects of quality and affordability. as a result we are pleased to announce our very own Maumee Tackle Custom Rod. A high quality fishing rod offered at an affordable price of $44.99 .

Maumee Tackle Custom Rod-


– 7 foot, 1 piece
– Medium Action, Fast Tip
– Composite Graphite  Rod
– # 6-15 Line Weight
– 1/8 – 3/4 oz Lure Weight
– Hook Keeper
–  8 Braid Rated Guides

Fishermen crowd the Lake Erie piers and breakwalls after the sun goes down at this time of year, lured by the excellent walleye fishing they can often find from Michigan to the Bass Islands, Cleveland and beyond.

Anglers don’t need a boat or expensive fishing gear. A spinning rod and reel, a few lures, a long-handled net and a lantern will suffice. Waterproof thermal wear and warm boots and gloves are also critical, now that cool fall weather has arrived.
One of the favorite night lures are the Bomber Long A’s shallow and deep divers.
We are fully stocked with all your favorite colors and a few new ones offered this year. We also have Husky jerks, Smithwicks and Walleye bandits.
The Huron Pier is a premier location for bagging a limit of trophy walleye, some venture to  the Lakeside Pier on the Marblehead Peninsula or the docks and piers around Kelleys Island and the Bass Islands.  Luna pier in Michigan is a great spot as well. Walleye congregate in these areas from late fall through the spring spawning season on the Western Basin reefs and in the Sandusky and Maumee rivers.

Have Fun Be safe and Good Luck Fishing


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