Minnow Shortage Update

We have had quite the Emerald shiner shortage this season  So here are some of the reasons we have a shiner shortage. June when we had the 3 day northeaster that flooded all the lakeshore and we had 6-12 footers for 3 days out on Lake Erie, that was the start of the whole thing. That storm  turned the lake completely over, scattered the fish and wiped out the baitfish . Over the whole lake it week before any fish were caught. Immediately following the storm came that new, full, blue moon that occurs once every 50 years or so, again no minnows were caught. Then came the rain/winds that pushed the algae bloom right out in the baitfish area, and with this bloom shiners did not come up to the lights. This was followed by the near  record walleye hatch, and with all those hungry little  walleye out there in the lake take a guess what they eat-  SHINERS.  So  not only are shiners in short supply, the ones that survived, are few and scattered.  After many nights and hundreds of dollars spent of trying to catch shiners the shiner (minnow) boats have gotten desperate and with some of them  having taken other jobs to support their familys.  This whole situation has caused lots of friction between minnow boats, bait stores, customers, etc.  we have had a steady supply of Fathead Minnows , which are a natural baitfish and catch perch and we at Maumee Tackle  HAVE NOT RAISED OUR PRICES.. still $2.60 per dozen.   Anglers have been having success perchin this past week ..fatheads work just fine.
Have a great weekend, be safe and good luck fishingemeraldshiner