What is Carolina Rig?

Anglers have switched to the Carolina Rig about eight to ten years ago making it the most popular way to take a Walleyes from the Maumee River. This rig will not hang up as bad on the bottom. Also, when that Walleye draws water into its mouth to get your bait, there is little to no weight to your jig.


Jig goes into its mouth further resulting in a good hook up.

18” to 48” leader, #5 barrel swivel, egg sinker or use a trolling sinker as pictured above.


You can Carolina Rig anything floating crank baits, live bait, and any kind of soft plastics (worms, craws, and grubs). A single hook is in effect during the months of March and April for the Maumee River. One half inch gap on the hook from point to shank.