Do-it Football Jig Mold


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The Football jig scores big for bottom fishing and as a probing tool. The wide-shaped jig head prevents the lure from fumbling on its side. Instead, this "all-star" drags along the bottom with the hook always remaining upright. Line pressure causes the jig to stand up, poised for a strike, ready to tackle its prey. Plus, the broad face helps transmit signals up the line about changes in bottom features. What a sport! Ideal for fishing bass, walleye and trout.Football Jig FBB-7-AItem# TypeCollarCavitiesSalt Compatible Hook Style 3055  Football Jig  Barb  7 (1 Each Size)  No  570-575 Sizes (oz.)3/81/161/81/43/81/23/41Hook Sizes1/0411/02/03/04/04/0

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