February 18, 2018- New Lake Trout State Record.

February 18, 2018- New Lake Trout State Record.
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Water Level

583.5 ft

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Water Temperature

34 degrees

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Barometric Pressure

30.30 in

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Water Clarity

4 in

State Record

A new state record lake trout has been certified by the Outdoor Writers of Ohio State Record Fish Committee. The lake trout was caught by James J. Beres of Lorain in Lake Erie (Lorain Co.) on December 1st. It weighed in at 26.63 pounds (six pounds heavier than the last record!), and is 38 inches long and 25.5 inches in girth. Congratulations James!

The ODNR Division of Wildlife has been participating in an inter-agency effort to bring back lake trout populations in Lake Erie. Lake trout are most often found in the cold, deep waters of the eastern Lake Erie; however, ‘Lakers’ can be found in Ohio waters during the fall when they migrate west to spawn. Historically abundant, lake trout populations have suffered declines due to parasitism by sea lampreys and habitat degradation, and are now maintained through agency stocking programs.


Some general info on state records and how to apply when you land the big one.


Outdoor Writers of Ohio- Record Fish Committee, made up of five volunteer members, reviews each application and supporting documentation, including photographs, certified weight slip and statement from a fisheries biologist with the Ohio Division of Wildlife.

The current Ohio Record Fish information can be found here. The record fish application form is here.


Fish Ohio  recognition pin qualifying size  for Walleye is 28 inches-  State record is 33 in /16.034 lbs

Fish Ohio recognition pin qualifying size for Yellow perch is 13 inches- State record is 15.75 in/ 2.86 lbs

Fish Ohio recognition pin qualifying size for White Bass 15 inches- State record is 21 in/ 4lbs – (thats a big white bass but I feel that some that come up the Maumee can give it a run, )

Fish Ohio recognition pin qualifying size for Flathead Catfish id 35 inches- State record is 58 5/8 in  / 76.5 lbs



Maumee River

We got some unexpected snow last night but no big deal, it will be gone quick. The remaining ice on the river is still steadily eroding / melting away. A word of of caution as this is the time of year when all the flotsam and debris that has been laying around all winter begins to get washed down stream . So keep an eye out for floating logs, stray icebergs and other hazards when you venture down to the river.  The river temp has managed to climb a few degrees as the ice melts , and with the over 50 degree days and  rain in the forecast we should see the water temp rise even more, inching us over that 40 degree mark.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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