Happy Thanksgiving 2021…closed for the day .

Happy Thanksgiving 2021…closed for the day .
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12 inch

The shop is closed for today … however the Maumee river is still open. Fall walleye and steelhead bite has been good the last week or so , the water levels and temps have been just right. No need to get real tricky, the big Joshy paddle tail baits have been working well  and so have regular lead head with a twister tail. Don’t worry about the rain today, I ran down to the river early to check and the fish are already wet , so they will be fine.

Happy thanksgiving





Liska Angler-$1449.99

Liska FD-pedal drive

Coosa FD- Pedal Drive- $3399.99

Bite Angling-

Bite FD-pedal drive-$2349.99

Mayfly Angling- $2049.99

Yupik Angling-$1549.99

Tupelo 12-$1049.99

Tupelo 12.5-$1149.99

Kilroy HD-$1689.99


Cruise 10- $949.99

Riviera Tandem-$999.99


Argo 100XR-$549.99

Argo 136XP Tandem-$869.99

Catch 100 fishing kayak-Best bang for your buck!-$759.99

Catch Power 100-$1139.99

Sprint 120XR-$754.99

Sentinal 100XP Angler-$459.99

Getaway 110 HD II-  Pedal drive-$1039.99



Aspire 105- $999.99

Pungo 105=$1049.99

Pungo 120- $1149.99

Recon 120-Pedal Drive- $2499.99

Radar 11.5- $1499.99


Cove 14.5 Tandem-$999.99

RIPTIDE- 10’6″  Stand Up Paddlesboard-$869.99


Suggested Baits

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