Ice Fishing Report -January 5,2018

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As of this morning Lake Erie is just over 60 percent covered in ice. With last nights sub zero temperatures even more ice is developing. We are getting reports of 7+ inches out on the lake.

Walleye out on the lake are biting on Swedish pimples, Hopkins spoons, buckshot Rattle spoons and jigging raps  all tip with shiners  .

As of today we are fully stocked with all of the lures, gear and bait(wax worms spikes maggots and Lake Erie shiners  )that you need for a successful ice fishing trip.

One method for ice anglers is to use one line for jigging and the other line as a dead stick.

A dead stick is basically a line set up with a bobber and live minnow on a hook or medium sized ice jig. The concept is that’s the jigging line will attract the fish. When they come in to look at the jigging line, some will hit it. If they are in a neutral mood, they usually go after the live minnow that has very little movement. Either way, with the dead stick and jigging presentations, you have it covered.

Have fun, be safe, and good luck fishing


Suggested Baits

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