Lake Erie and Maumee River Conditions- Smallmouth bass bite is heating up

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*Fully stocked with Crawfish – and Leeches*



Crayfish, crawfish, crawdads, whatever you call these critters  they catch just about every predatory species of fish out there. From largemouth and smallmouth bass, to catfish and walleye, the scuttling and territory aggressive crawfish is hands down one of the greatest live baits to use for fishing.

Mid to late June is the time window in the year when the bottom feeders start to  become irresistible bait for most game fish . This is the time when the crawfish dominates the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus for everything that swims. There is an variety of methods for fishing crawfish from the simple plain hook presentation to fishing them on slip bobbers. One method I’ve seen that produces time and time again is using a Carolina rig,especially when fishing a hard bodied crawfish, because it allows the bass or catfish to swim with the craw for a while, chewing on it, before it feels the weight of your sinker. What this means for you as the angler is the bait is presented in a way where it feels no resistance and is not inclined to drop your bait. It is important to choose a hook that will be large enough to allow the crawfish to fully extend without being unable to uncurl it’s tail. The more natural you can make your crawfish look, the better. When you are ready to hook your crawfish, insert the hook in the tail section just below the body. I like to make sure that I have the hook a lot closer to the front end of the bait as possible, because generally predatory fish take their prey down head first.

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Water Temp: 71° F

8mph SSW (199°)                   Gusting:     to 10 mph

Air Temp:  61° F

Water Clarity: Stained                    Visibility:   1- 2ft

Many fishing 3- 3.5 miles out  in 24 feet of water. This area is loaded with fish. Fish were caught on the bottom as well as up high. Gold blade worm harness catching  a good number  of the fish. A very slow retrieve is the ticket. Most fish are 16″-18 inches and  also throwing back some shorts.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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