Lake Erie and Maumee River- July 31st, 2017

Lake Erie and Maumee River-  July 31st, 2017
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Water Level

579 wading to Bluegrass is possible

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Water Temperature

75 degrees

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Barometric Pressure

30.19 in and steady

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Water Clarity

6 inches

Maumee River

The Maumee starts in Fort Wayne, Ind., and then works its way north through towns and villages such as Defiance, Waterville, Antwerp, Perrysburg and Maumee before plowing through downtown Toledo, about 25 miles northeast of Grand Rapids.

With Lake Erie to the north and the Maumee River working its way through a big chunk of the area, the region is blessed with two  mainstays of outdoor adventure.

Add the sprawling Toledo Area Metroparks  and its vast array of unique species and plant life, and you’ve got a wonderful end of summer August of boating, hiking and biking adventures.

Smallmouth bass action has been pretty good-Use crankbaits and plastics that imitate crayfish. Retrieve with a motion that will allow the bait to hit the bottom to simulate a swimming crayfish. Chartreuse jigs with spinners are also good. Active fish are in runs and where riffles and pools meet. Work jigs in runs and riffles around rocks and eddies. Shady areas can be good.

Lake Erie

Bandit 2nd video

Click on the link above to watch a Bandit lure Video

Surface Temp 77
Winds:NW 0~10 knots
Waves 0 to 1 foot.
Water Clarity: Inside is clearing back up quick and out at the A~C Can line is Very Good
Outside that it is Great.

We have Golden Shiners in the store….
We do have Frozen and our Viagra Emerald Shiners in the store as well……

Turnaround Buoy and Northwest Reef, and Border F Can have produced some good fish and north of West Sister. The shorts are everywhere from what reports we are getting, just have to battle through them. Crawlers harnesses, Jets and spoons, Taildancers, and Rattle Tots are still leading the way.

Reports coming from the border, north of the island, and during low light they are still working off Crane Creek, the Intake, around K and L Cans, Locust, Flat Rock, Cone and Crib low light hours. Crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers or casting weight forwards still seem to be the ticket, Lots of shorts but still some good fishing.

Good catches reported from B Can, North of C can, and out East of the Intake, over around D and G Cans have been good if you head that direction………..

Suggested Baits

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