Lake Erie and Maumee River Report- 10 June 2017- G-Loomis Rods on Sale!

Water Level Icon

Water Level

580.5 -wading to Bluegrass is possible

Tempurature Icon

Water Temperature

70 degrees

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure

29.88 inHg. steady

Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

8 inches

I found  four late model  G-Loomis baitcasting rods  and a St.Croix  baitcasting rod in the back room- Regular priced at $215  I’m blowing them out of here at $99.99- Get them while they last!

Maumee River

Conditions have steadied out and we are seeing some nice cats and smallmouth being caught all up and down the river.  Crappie reports from behind Ft. Meigs and up near Grand  Rapids.    Some pockets of white bass still up near grand rapids as well . Perch and a few walleye out near point place . We have had good reports all over right now and with the weekend forecast to be nice and warm there is no reason not to get the family out and do some fishing .

We are fully stocked with live bait- minnows, leeches, nightcrawlers, green nightcrawlers, redworms, wax worms,  and live crawfish.

Lake Erie

Winds: SW 10 ~ 15 knots forecasted for today.
Water clarity is good and has cleared nicely. Mud lines are well defined and cleaner water is pushing in from the NW.

Great reports yesterday from K Can and 11 miles out (past the Island) . Cone, Crib, Round, and Locust reefs are doing well but lots of undersized walleye to sort through. Sounds like whatever you like to run will catch fish right now. Dipseys and J-7’s, and Jets and Spoons, and Taildancers have taken off…. Bandits, 800’s, Bombers, Worm harnesses, Rattle Tots, and Flicker Minnows are also still pulling fish. Most are running 2.5 or faster.

Reports of good fishing around K and L Cans, Locust, Flat Rock, Cone and Crib reefs. Crawler harnesses and bottom bouncers or casting weight forward.

Reports have started to pick up and have gotten some good word from A-Can, B Can and Niagara, still not hearing of limits but some decent catches.


Have fun , Be Safe and Good Luck Fishing



Suggested Baits

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