March 28, 2022 – River Report

March 28, 2022 – River Report
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582.5 and dropping

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WEIGHT:  5/8 – 3/4oz 

COLORS: Green Head/Red Tail, Orange Head/Black Tail, White Head/Glow Tail – A wide variety of colors have been getting the job done lately, but we have been noticing that darker tails with bright colored heads seem to be doing the trick. 

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Still a little bit too high, might be possible later today depending on how quickly it continues to drop. As of 6am the don not cross sign was still up.

Yesterday was cold, especially in the morning but those whose toughed it out did well, especially once that sun came out in the afternoon the bite picked up even more. This river is stacked full of fish. We saw a lot of quick limits brought in yesterday starting around 9:30am with RiverMan Kam and steadily saw them throughout the day. 

The water level is dropping so don’t be afraid to move around and spread out throughout the river. All spots will be accessible today, except Bluegrass Island, and I would guess that most will be producing well based on how heavily they are in there. A lot of short fish were caught yesterday, and most fish were bright white which indicates a fresh push. This cooler weather is keeping the water temperature down, which is good to ensure a nice and long run. So put your layers on & get out there! We’ve got gloves, hats, wool socks, and hand warmers up at the shop.


With that being said – it is not a bad idea to bring a backup pole since cold weather can be harsh on your equipment, and cause freezing whether it is your eyelets, reel, or line. 



The Bait Shop crew hit the river last night – 5 fishermen – How many fish do you think we caught??

Have Fun, Be Safe and Good Luck Fishing!

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