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4 in

Leeches can be kept for many weeks in cold water.  That is why you buy them in refrigerated containers. After buying your leeches, most people put them on ice until they arrive on the water. Some fishermen keep them in the cooler even while fishing–digging into the cooler for a leech every time they need one.

When you arrive at the fishing spot  take the  leeches out of the cooler because you want them to warm up to be active. I add lake/river water periodically to keep the water close to the temperature of the lake. A small styrofoam cooler works well.

When you watch a leech swim, the small end or head, is forward, so dont hook them through the suction cup, i.e., foot. This method works ok if you’re using a bobber, but when you are trolling or drifting, it’s unnatural to drag it backwards and the leech tends to curl up. I hook mine through the head and they seem to swim better. It is definitely a more natural presentation.

Use small hooks, number 8 or 10–light line–6 lb or 4 lb and your leech will act more natural and trigger more bites.

Hvae fun be safe and good luck fishing


Suggested Baits

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