Maumee River Conditions- July 24, 2019

Maumee River Conditions- July 24, 2019
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Look at this big white bass Jeff Yeager got here on the Maumee up near Grand Rapids,18.5 inches, maybe over 3  lbs,  but he didnt bring it in to weigh. .   Let me repost this reminder of our ongoing white bass bounty .


So the current record for the state of Ohio White Bass is 4 lbs 21 inches caught July 1 ,1983 by Ira Sizemore in Cincinnati,OH.  I say good for Mr. Sizemore but after 35 years its time for a new state record right here out of the Maumee River.  Now 4 lbs is a BIG White Bass! But I know that in the spring when a zillion White Bass come up the Maumee to spawn, big, fat and full of eggs, that there has to be one over that 4 lb mark. I have seen some big bass caught in April and May , definitely around the 3lb plus mark,  but no one ever puts them on a scale, well that’s about to change. Several months ago I asked the Lucas county auditors office to come in and certify my scales here at the shop. They did, so now our scales are certified to record a state record.

This is what I am proposing: Start bringing in those big White Bass to be weighed and measured. When that lucky angler beats the state record we will weigh, certify, serve as witness and help the angler fill out the application.  We will call the news as well to make you famous.  When the record is officially beaten then Maumee Tackle Fishing Outfitters will pay for the fish to be mounted,(I will probably get a replica as well for the shop), and the new record holder will receive a $500 gift certificate to Maumee Tackle. There are numerous rules to certifying a state record-one of them being that the fish will have to be turned over to state certification officials for inspection – first and formost to verify the species and to prevent cheaters from turning in a tank raised fish or one full of sinkers etc. Record fish are determined on the basis of weight only.

In order to qualify for the prizes the whole process starting from the weigh in of a  fish  to the photo ops of the record,  must be done here at the shop in Maumee.

Spread the word!

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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