Maumee river fishing..6 April 20

Maumee river fishing..6 April 20
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In Maumee get dropped off or walk.

Ok take a deep breath–Fishing is not shut down. Its all good on the river. You can still fish , just a few more precautions must be taken.

Get dropped off or walk.

Below I have posted the Mayor of Maumees letter. What it means is that NO PARKING will be available on River road in Maumee, or along the adjacent residential street areas in the immediate vicinity of the river; for example Harrison and Ford street, I spoke with the Metroparks Representative this morning and Sidecut Metropark in Maumee will remain open for fishing and hiking .Again you can fish and hike the Metroparks, You can fish and hike the Maumee River. ..just have to walk to get there. Boat ramps remain open. The Metroparks upriver ,Farnsworth and Bendview are also open and the parking lots are open as well. The Metroparks have been great advocates for us fishermen during this time of social distancing, When you see a Metro parks representative holler at them “Good Job and Thanks” As outdoorsmen we have been doing a great job on the river keeping our distance.

Here is the Mayors letter;-read it carefully and do not jump to conclusions.

Re: Immediate Closures
Effective immediately, the City of Maumee is closing all access points to the Maumee River and placing no parking signs on streets in the immediate vicinity of the river.

The COVID-19 crisis places in danger, all health care workers, police officers, paramedics/EMT’s, an all whose jobs put them in contact with the public.

It is for the safety of our residents and all who serve us that we are enforcing this policy.

Richard Carr

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