maumee river report- 10 march 2022

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Water Level

584.5 crested and dropping

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Water Temperature


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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

2 inches





WEIGHT:  3/4 oz- 1 oz Heavier weights today 

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Unsafe to cross today.

Orleans park and White street access are good high water fishing areas. 

COLORS: orange head/ black tail,  black head / xmas lights tail, green head / motor oil tail….. dark colors seem to be working better in this low vis water.
Yesterday after that cold snap and the temperature dropped Fishing remain pretty slow, we didn’t see a whole lot of action out there on the river. It looks like the river has crested so as we get closer to the weekend the water should be down to a more wadeable level. Today the water is still pretty high so again Orleans Park and White Street access will probably be your best locations. 




Fishing from a kayak– as the weather gets warmer we start to look forward to kayak season. Kayak fishing is all the rage right now, and it’s for good reason. Kayaks are usually  much cheaper than traditional gas engine boats, they allow anglers access to some of the most under-fished and remote waters; and they can be rigged with just about any feature anglers can imagine.

Your first time casting from a kayak will probably feel a little awkward. The boat is going to wobble around which might have you believe it is unstable and ready to flip. It might sound easier said than done, but you have to remember to relax and trust your boat for what it was built for. Most of our fishing kayaks have a wide platform design, like a Jackson Mayfly model, after a bit of use you will  feel confident to make standing casts, which is a great way to increase your line of sight and casting distance. If you try this, remember to stand with feet wide apart, bend your knees, and stay loose below your waist .

Have fun, be safe, and good luck fishing

Suggested Baits

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