Maumee River Report-10 march 23

Maumee River Report-10 march 23
Water Level Icon

Water Level

584 and dropping

Tempurature Icon

Water Temperature

41 and steady

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure


Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

3-4 inches






WEIGHT: 5/8- 3/4 in the slower water downstream of the bridge. 

At least 1 oz at other faster water locations


BLUEGRASS ISLAND:  No Crossing today

COLORS: orange head/Xmas lights tail, pinkwhite head/ pink tail

*click images to enlarge*



With the water down about a foot from the day before we saw quite a few more fish caught yesterday. Orleans park and upstream a bit towards the bridge were the areas that seemed relatively productive. Lots of ones and twos being pulled in. The water has dropped just about another foot overnight, so quite a few more areas ought to be accessible today. Spread out and do a little exploring.


So we got some snow dust ,big deal, the fish are already cold and wet–they’ll be fine 


Fish cleaning services available starting Saturday!

$2 per fish

$10 per limit (6 fish)



Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing.

Suggested Baits

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