Maumee River Report- 11 March 2019

Maumee River Report- 11 March 2019
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Sunrise/First Cast-  7:54 am

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Good news at last-the ice on the river has broken up from the rain a couple nights ago. So the main river way is now open water. The shelf ice that is piled along the banks even got knocked down quite a bit. Alot of those  piles are so big that the current and warm weather is undercutting the base and they are collapsing under their own weight back into the river. We had strong gusty winds yesterday and that helped work some of that ice away. So  I’m thinking that by tomorrow , Tuesday  the 12th,  we should be able to get a line in the water to at least feel it out and see what happens.  The water still needs to warm a few degrees  to bring some up fish in numbers, but at least we can get a chance to get out there and get a start on things.

Accessibility to the water is limited due to shore ice-here is a short rundown .

Buttonwood- Closed right now -covered with ice.

Oreleans Park- Closed right now covered in ice-road guttered up pretty bad

Davis Overloook – Closed right now covered in ice.

White street- Parking lot open but banks covered in ice-tow path clearing off as it warms, more spots may be accessible by the weekend.

Drain Pipe area under the Maumee/Perrysburg bridge open and fishable-Maumee side.

Bluegrass island -Closed right now covered in ice.

Jerome rd rapids – Road wiped out- may be able to hike there once the ice clears off the banks.

Sidecut Metro Park- open -up to the kids playground area.

Ft. Meigs – Parking lot open, still lot of ice along banks-should clear out pretty quick here.

Have fun, be safe, and good luck fishing.


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