Maumee River Report – 14 June 2017

Maumee River Report – 14 June 2017
Water Level Icon

Water Level

580.0 -wading to Bluegrass is possible

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Water Temperature

78 degrees

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Barometric Pressure

29.99 inHg

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Water Clarity

11 inches

This past few days live bait has been working very well , there are many ways to rig live bait especially night crawlers. The most popular and effective method is to just gob one on a hook under a bobber or on a weight off the bottom, cast it out and let the fish find it. An alternative and very effective method is to use a night crawler harness.

A night crawler harness is a length of fishing line leader that typically has one or more long shank bait holder hooks attached to the end with a knot. Several small diameter beads, with at least one spinner blade attached to the line above the hook. The beads and blades can be in different colors to match fishing conditions. Fishing a night crawler harness is simple and can be a very productive method of presenting the already potent night crawler.

Choose a worm harness in colors that are suitable for the water conditions in which you will be fishing. Select bright colors–including chartreuse green, white, yellow and fluorescent orange–when fishing in murky, stained or muddy waters. Purple, black, red and silver are often good choices when the water is clear.

Thread a night crawler onto the hook on the end of the nightcrawler harness. Cover as much of the hook as possible and arrange the night crawler on the hook so it will be presented as naturally as possible in the water. Avoid winding the worm around the hook in a ball.
Cast the night crawler harness rig into areas where you think bass, walleye, pike and other big game are located. Retrieve or troll the rig and allow it to work along the bottom of the lake, where it can attract fish that are feeding on or just above the bottom.
We have seen some small mouth , catfish and walleye caught the past few days on this rig in the river. Grand Rapids, Bluegrass , Ft Meigs , Orleans Park and White Street have all been producing some decent catches. And with this beautiful weather its a great time to get out and explore the Maumee .
Out on Lake Erie the crawler harness  fished on a bottom bouncer are absolutely slaying the walleye.. lots of undersized fish but still a great time .
Have fun, be safe  and good luck fishing.

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