Maumee River Report- 15 march 2021

Maumee River Report- 15 march 2021
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Sunrise/First cast- 7:45 am

Sunset/Last Cast-7:41 pm

Wading to Bluegrass Island is  permitted.. water is low and slow. 

All fishing areas are accessible today .

Weight:  at least 3/4 to cast in this wind..maybe more

Color- berkley Xmas lights/Green head , Dynomite/black head ,  pink head/ black tail got cold again last night..mid 20s



Low and slow- that is the river conditions for real this week. With no rain to speak of for a very long time the only water we’ve had added to the river was that snow from mid -February that  melted . Other than that the river really hasn’t been refilled. It’s okay -every year the run is different and as outdoorsman we adapt, one year it floods the next year we have icebergs ,the next year it’s a drought, doesn’t matter -we are going to be out there catching those walleye- tactics just have to change up a little bit.  Heres a few tips for low water

1. Fish the faster water. In low flows, fast water offers fish cover and oxygen for those spawners to lay their eggs. It can pay to  concentrate your efforts in rapids, pocket water and necks of pools when the river is so low.

2. Use a long leader and scale down. The lower the water the longer the leader. Don’t be afraid to fish a 5  foot leader length on a low flow. The further away from your sinker the bait is, the better. Use a smaller bait than you would usually.The priority for migratory fish, during the day, becomes security. Hiding big bodies from the view of predators of their eggs  is job one, and anything that doesnt look like a bait fish(a sinker) is a threat again the further away the better.


The bite isn’t on fire yet but there are an awful lot of walleye in there regardless. Josh and Darryl are there daily to clean your catch…stop in and see em.

It was a great weekend to kick off the walleye run and we look forward to seeing you all this week, don’t forget today the Big Jack contest starts. No entry fee just bring in the biggest male that you have ,we will weigh it ,record you in the book and at the end of the week the heaviest Jack of the week wins the $25 gift certificate to the shop.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing!




Suggested Baits

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