Maumee River Report- 15 March 2024

Maumee River Report- 15 March 2024
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584 and rising- no crossing to Bluegrass Island

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WEIGHT: 3/4 – 1 oz 

BLUEGRASS ISLAND:  Crossing to bluegrass Island is NOT permitted

HOT COLORS: Pink Head/Black Tail | Purple Head/Purple Metallic Flake Tail | Black Head/White Tail 

New Big Jack Leader – Tyler – 5.66lbs

Well.. Mario said he was too tired to write the report this morning. So y’all are stuck with me. We’ll keep it short & let the pictures speak for themselves. Yesterday morning was a little slow, granted that may be due to only a few brave folks going out during a thunderstorm, BUT it really picked up in the afternoon. We steadily saw limits in the afternoon into the evening. Most said Jerome and Buttonwood were the hotspots yesterday. We had a couple guys say they were able to get there limits in under an hour. Seems like we definitely got a good push of fish in, and should be seeing more with this rising water.

With that being said… water is on the way up and moving quickly – be VERY cautious out there. With rising water best bet will be along the Towpath, White St, & Orleans Park. Try fishing some slower water today, the fish are going to want to avoid that fast current. Cast close to shore – thats where they will be laid up. 

Reminder that Josh Halterman is here at the shop everyday starting at 10am and is here until there are no more fish to be cleaned. Only $2 bucks a fish, cleaned and bagged. 

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Midwest Hooks went out and got his limit. Be sure to check out his youtube channel & instagram page(@Midwest Hooks Fishing)  to see him in action and get some insights on the run!

Alright that’s all I got..

Have Fun, Be Safe & Good Luck Fishing!!




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