Maumee River Report 16 march 2017

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Maumee River Report:


TEMP- 35.5 degrees

Barometer: 30.23 inHg and rising

Wading to Bluegrass Island is possible

Clarity-6 inches

Sunrise : 7:45 AM (First cast)

Sunset: 7:42 PM (Last cast)

Brutal cold-windy and sunny yesterday, we did have reports of a few brave anglers having success and landing one or two keepers.  Today is going to be 10 degrees warmer-High of 37 a veritible heat wave. anyway the rest of the week we will gradually warm with the weekend predicted to be in the 40s.

Weight:  1/2 oz -5/8 oz

*try a lead head – the walleye in the river are hugging the bottom in this cold water*

Leader: 2-3 ft

Colors:   Orange head /black Tail   –  BlackHead / Pink tail  – Green head/ green tail –  White head /Orange tail

Mostly sunny, with a high near 37. West wind 7 to 10 mph.
Partly cloudy, with a low around 24. West wind 5 to 7 mph becoming calm after midnight.
A chance of snow, freezing rain, and sleet before 11am, then rain and snow likely between 11am and 2pm, then rain likely after 2pm. Cloudy, with a high near 41. South wind 6 to 10 mph.
Fly Fishing for Walleye- We have a fully stocked Fy Fishing counter. Most of our flies are tied by local fishermen that know the Maumee river.
As the spawn nears, the smaller males move in and become aggressive, making them prime targets for fly-fishermen. The females soon follow and spawning commences. This is when most anglers fish for walleye because they are shallow and relatively easy to find. Just before dark tyou can often see them rolling on the surface, adding visual stimulation to the fisherman’s expectations. From twilight until around midnight walleye are the most active,(thats why night fishing is prohibited during spawning season) feeding or just hitting from aggression and territoriality. Cloudy days are ideal. Before and during the spawn are great times for fly-fishers, but post-spawn might actually be the best time to catch big walleye on a fly. The fish go on a post-spawn feeding binge and they will be found anywhere from the shallow spawning spots to the deeper transition zones.
The sink rate of the fly line may be the most important consideration in fly-fishing for walleye. In the shallows, a floating or intermediate fly line is best since retrieves are done slowly so the weighted fly stays close to the bottom most of the time. Retrieves are generally slow and deep. Keep the fly within 1 foot of the bottom for much of the retrieve. Alternate between long, slow steady retrieves and short pulsing strips. Always keep the rod tip close to the water, pointed directly at the fly, so you can detect light hits and keep a tight line between your fingers. A common mistake with fly anglers is keeping the rod tip too high or off to one side or the other, reducing the strike detection capability. Hits feel like the fly ticked a rock or they may just feel like a rubber band starting to stretch. Set the hook on anything unusual for best results. If nothing is there, continue the retrieve. Use a 9- to 10-foot leader on floating lines and 6-foot leaders on sinking lines. Tippets can be 4- to 12-pound test, depending on water clarity and the sun’s intensity. Use a loop knot like the non-slip mono loop knot to tie the fly on for maximum action. Walleye are  minnow, crayfish and leech eaters so small flies are seldom used. Most walleye flys are tied upside down, with a weighted belly so the hook point rides up and is less likely to get snagged on rocks or debris on the bottom. Use yellow, white and chartreuse during the day and darker colors like black, olive or purple in low light situations.
 If you’re up for a challenge, try walleye on a fly and I think you’ll find it to be to be an intriguing day of fishing.
Have Fun, Be safe and Good Luck Fishing.
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