Maumee River report 16 may 21

Maumee River report 16 may 21
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4 inches

The river is finally down to just a little over average height. Still muddied up but all those fish ought to be more accessible and much more active now the current isn’t raging like it was last week. White bass like baits with the flash, rooster tails give off a nice vibration, lead head with a twister tail have a little vibration and a big flashy tail, that’s what triggers the bite for these white bass. Nice shiny minnows wiggling around on the hook and flashing are also a good trigger for that white bass bite. Looks like Orleans White Street towpath Ford Street fort meigs, and Buttonwood will all be good areas to try and hit today.  Going to be a little cloudy all day today so maybe some of the darker colors more natural colors wouldn’t hurt to have in your arsenal as well.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

Suggested Baits

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