Maumee River report- 16 september 2021

Maumee River report- 16 september 2021
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578 very low

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12 inch

One of the best things about kayaking is that it’s a healthy and fun activity to share with your whole family. Not only is it a fun physical activity where everyone can expend excess energy, but it’s also a wonderful way to connect with the natural world.  For example: After nearly disappearing from most of the United States decades ago, the bald eagle is now flourishing across the nation, and particularly here  in the upper Midwest. Here, bald eagle sightings are often common all year around- what with the Maumee being a great eagle habitat . Almost everyone that we launched for kayaking trips this season has had the opportunity to see some eagles, ospreys too!

*Note -Bald eagles are no longer an endangered species, but bald and golden eagles are still protected under multiple federal laws and regulations. Eagles, their feathers, as well as nest and roost sites are all protected.*

We are still running daily kayak trips as long as the weather stays warm which will probably get it somewhere till mid or late October.



I went out yesterday and hooked into this big ole beast, thing had to be around 15 pounds it was almost 6 inches thick-!helical fun fight! You never know what you’re going to get into Out here on the Maumee.

Have fun, be safe, and good luck out on the river.

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