Maumee River Report- 18 March 2017–Better Weekend Fishing Conditions

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Maumee River Report:


TEMP- 41.0 degrees

Barometer: 29.91 inHg and steady  -Barometric pressure is simply the weight of the air. It decreases with the approach of a storm brought on by low pressure. Imagine it as the palm of a giant hand easing up on the water’s surface. Its touch is lighter, the water volume isn’t as compressed, and fish can move about more easily and feed.

Wading to Bluegrass Island is possible

Clarity-8 inches

Sunrise : 7:42 AM (First cast)

Sunset: 7:44 PM (Last cast)

A good starting point is to use darker more natural colors on this cloudy overcast day. I went out yesterday and hooked into 4 fish in about an hour in between 475 bridge and Jerome rd rapids, this little bit of warmer weather and slight warming of the river has got those walleye starting to move and get active. We saw some ones and twos come out of Bluegrass Island  -Buttonwood and  the Jerome Rd  Rapids area.  All access areas are accessible to fish today and I heard Schroders campground is now open for business , which makes another boat launch available.  As the weather improves so is the fishig slowy but surely. Keep in mind  that Walleye possess outstanding night vision, unlike their prey such as perch that cannot see well in dim light. Because of their light sensitive eyes, walleye feed mostly in dim light conditions.

Weight:  1/2 oz -5/8 oz

*try a lead head – the walleye in the river are still  hugging the bottom in this cold water*

Leader: 2-3 ft

Colors:   Black head /Motor oil Tail - Orange Head / Shimmer Shad tail  – Green head/ green tail –  Black Head /Purple tail  -and dont  forget about glow in dark colors

Rain and snow showers likely before noon, then a chance of snow showers between noon and 1pm, then a chance of rain showers after 1pm. Areas of fog before 8am. Otherwise, cloudy, with a high near 42. West wind 6 to 11 mph.
Saturday Night
A slight chance of rain and snow showers before 8pm, then a slight chance of snow showers between 8pm and midnight. Mostly cloudy, with a low around 30. Northwest wind 7 to 9 mph.
Partly sunny, with a high near 44. North wind around 6 mph becoming calm in the afternoon.
Be safe have fun and good luck fishing
031701 $$$RENA

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