Maumee River Report- 21 December, 2019- First official day of winter

Maumee River Report- 21 December, 2019- First official day of winter
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First day of winter-well we have had a few nights below that 32 degree freezing mark and a a result we are starting to see some development of ice on some of the areas ponds and reservoirs. Still not enough to venture out and fish , and who knows with a day or two predicted to be in the 50s this coming week. All bodies of water freeze differently, shallow lakes  freeze quickly while a spring fed lake may not freeze at all , so as always exercise caution.

Last season I had some customer requests for the Jackjaw Hooksetter Tip-up pictured below- so I have a ordered a few to have in stock.

This ice-fishing tip-up watches your rod and sets your hook for you, responding to even the most sensitive bites so you can land more monsters. Adjustable to fit rod length, sensitivity and hook-setting power. Compact 16-1/4″L x 3″W x 3″H size when folded for easy transportation. Rod and reel not included.

Next week I will be getting spikes and mousies plus a fresh batch of emerald shiners .

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.


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