Maumee River Report- 21 March 2019

Maumee River Report- 21 March 2019
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Water Level


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40 degrees

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Barometric Pressure

30.00 inHg. falling

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Water Clarity



Sunrise/First Cast-  7:37 am

Sunset / Last Cast- 7:47 pm

Weight: 1/2 oz-5/8 oz

 Colors: Pink head/ green chartreuse tail, Pink head/  Firetiger tail , Black head / Shimmer shad tail,  Green head/ Xmas lights tail, Glow head/ Purple tail

CROSSING TO BLUEGRASS ISLAND IS GOING  PERMITTED I HOPE TODAY – I spoke to the Metropark Rangers yesterday and they said that they now have the “SAFE/UNSAFE TO CROSS” sign up at the Bluegrass Island crossings. I checked this morning and there is no sign at the crossing by the cemetery and the parking lot gate  by the pavilion is closed, so I’m not sure whats going on there. Crossing to the Island will be permitted as long as the the water level is deemed to be safe -and will be thus indicated by the signs -“SAFE TO CROSS  OR  CROSSING NOT PERMITTED” as soon as they get them in place .

I will follow back up with them later this morning and I will post any additional information that comes across.



JEROME RD RAPIDS- Same conversation with the park rangers- River rd. is closed at the cemetery near the tip of Bluegrass island. There is a “ROAD CLOSED” sign clearly marking the end point. Do not drive or walk down past that sign. The city has heavy equipment operators working to repair the road and area damage caused by last months ice /flood. Do not attempt to hike down to the rapids to fish , you will just be in their way and slow things up, plus you will get a ticket.  Dont complain about it either.  These guys have done some great work getting the devastation cleared up-so stay out of their way and we will be fishing the rapids sooner than later.


Yesterday we started seeing a few more fish being caught- Davis overlook and the Towpath  from White street seemed to produced the best. All areas are showing a fish or two so it should be much better today.  The little bit of rain that passed through the area didn’t affect the water level much , and the current isn’t moving too fast. with the ice melting off the banks more and more areas are becoming fishable. Exercise caution when wading out as the grinding action of the ice will have changed the river bottom to a degree in some places.

Have fun, be safe and good luck Fishing

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