Maumee River report-21 march , 2020-

Maumee River report-21 march , 2020-
Water Level Icon

Water Level

586 and just about crested

Tempurature Icon

Water Temperature

43 degrees

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure

30.44 falling

Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

2 in

First cast -733am

last cast-749pm

Weight-1 oz

Colors: Stick with the darker colors that have been working the last few days. Orange head/ Black Tail, Glow head / pumpkinseed tail, old reliable Green head / Xmas lights  tail, and Black head / dark orange sparkle  tail.

The rain we got in the region the last few days has finally made its way into the river -it is up and running high. Like I said yesterday, stick with the shorter casts and try and work the shoreline where the fish should be laid up to get out of that strong current. We saw a few caught yesterday along the towpath. Not much was caught at Orleans and whaite street-maybe today will be different.

Fresh air and fishing is good for the soul.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.

Suggested Baits

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