Maumee river report-22 feb 23–Some Archive photos from 2016 —

Maumee river report-22 feb 23–Some Archive photos from 2016 —
Water Level Icon

Water Level

584 and rising

Tempurature Icon

Water Temperature

39 degrees

Barometric Pressure Icon

Barometric Pressure


Water Clarity Icon

Water Clarity

2-4 inches

Hmmmm… seen a few walleye pulled out of the Maumee the last few days.

A mostly mild winter and  some days of sunshine have the river warmer than usual this time of year. In the last week the river temperature has fluctuated from near freezing 33° to today it’s closer to 39°. Either way the river is warming , days are getting longer so the spawning instinct in the lake Erie walleye will be triggering soon  . Browsing through the internet fishing pages over the last few days, I see a lot of bluegill, crappie, a few walleye, and a bass here and there being caught. The weather is still kinda nasty for the fairweather fisherman, but that’s OK, you hard-core anglers can gear up, head out and see what you can hook into . Pick a nice stretch a river with some rapids toss in a Carolina rig and see what happens.


2016 Archive photos as motivation-click on image to enlarge

Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing

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