Maumee river report- 22 october 2020

Maumee river report- 22 october 2020
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Water Level

581-up for the fisrt time since May

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Water Temperature


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Barometric Pressure

30.05 and steady

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Water Clarity

4 in

Oooh Look at all the pretty colors.  We are stocked up on some new bomber colors and of course have plenty of the usual tried and true patterns. Here is some information  concerning the fall walleye fishing activity. This is  the time of year when the walleye and yellow perch move in close and can be taken at night right off the  lake Erie shoreline. October and November when the lake temperature approaches the 50’s we find walleye hunters prowling the piers and shoreline  from the Port Clinton  thru  the Maumee bay and up into Michigan looking for the nocturnal walleye feeding action.  Lake Erie’s central and western basin schools make what many call a “pre-spawn staging movement” each fall. Schools of big fish move in off their respective summer feeding areas and “stage” or rest, after putting on a feeding binge, fattening up for the spring spawn. Thousands of western basin walleye move toward the shoreline drop-offs in search of gizzard shad and other baitfish, drawn by warmer waters.   They’re often located close to the first or second deep-water drops and move into shoreline shallows to surface feed at night. Most activity generally takes place in the period from 3 days before the 1/2 moon to 3 days after the full moon, but don’t rule out the dark periods either.  Some big fish have been caught then too. Night anglers at the piers use predominately  Rattletrap and Bomber Long-A  type of lures.  Some anglers wouldn’t go out without a magnum Rapala.  I have seen success with anglers using both types. Keep one thing in mind,as the water temperatures cool, slow your presentation. These big fish are looking for an easy meal without having to expend a lot of energy.

This from a few years ago-Thanksgiving night-2nd cast. Just a little motivation for the nite bite.

This is from a few years ago-Thanksgiving night-2nd cast. Just a little motivation for the nite bite.

Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing


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