Maumee River Report- 23 march 23

Maumee River Report- 23 march 23
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580 may start to rise up tonight/tomorrow

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WEIGHT: 1/2- 5/8   Oz    

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Open to cross 





Steady improvement of fishing conditions and of fish caught. We saw a bunch of twos and threes today as well as some limits. Buttonwood Campground, and bluegrass Island were popular yesterday. Yesterday was overcast and cloudy all day, today’s looking to be the same overcast, cloudy and rainy -stick with the darker/duller colors such as black and dark green heads paired with the motor oil or shimmer shad tail.

Hooksets are free: It never hurts to presume that any odd resistance is a fish.

I don’t know the exact number , but more than a few of my hooksets are false. No fish. Whether it be rocks , logs  or whatever else is in there. Sometimes sticks  will make my rod feel like there’s a struggling fish or make my bait look like its running. I always say  hooksets are free, you can always cast back out, and with these light biting walleye if your not aggressively setting the hook when there is a break in the rhythm , then you wont hook into any. Often times after the false hookset/freeing up a snag, a fish will grab the bait. 

Some anglers have half ass hook sets, which result in lost fish due to poor hook penetration. I say lean into it and give it hell . Some of my best hook sets have been in logs. Sometimes the lures comes flying back at my face . But if you put some UMPH into it when you  do hook a fish- it’s sticks. 



Current tournament leader

Joe Arguelles-3.27 lbs


Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing

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