MAumee River Report- 25 september 2021

MAumee River Report- 25 september 2021
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583- just a foot over normal levels and dropping

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6 in

FALL WALLEYE: Coming soon to a lake near you.

Here’s one of a walleye I pulled in a few years ago.

The fall night bite is a blast .  This is a chance to get into some nice fish  before the ice sets in. When Lake Erie begins to cool below 65 degrees  the baitfish( minnows, gizzard shad ) come into the shallow waters , walleye follow them in and can be caught at night casting from the shore.

Night fall brings out the aggressive side in walleye, which  typically hunt from their prey from below. They use the lighter sky to locate the silhouette of their next meal. Using darker colors in your lures can be advantageous. Blacks, dark purples, natural blues and browns really stand out against the night sky, but that doesn’t mean that all your lighter colored lures need to stay in the tackle box ,baits with flash can work wonders especially if they create noise and vibrations. Lighter color lures are also easier to see in the dark.

We are just about stocked up on crankbaits for the fall. Bunch of new colors this year.




GRAND RAPIDS, OHIO: We are still open through The Apple Butter Festival on October 10th. After that we will be open weekends only for kayak trips ( weather permitting)and sales  . New kayaks are slowly tricking in , yup- I know the season is drawing to a close, however now is when the kayak companies have decided to ship . So it looks like we will have a good inventory for the Christmas season  and probably on into the spring. That’s for both locations Maumee and Grand Rapids. .


River Fishing: As soon as this water drops another foot or so its going to be time to go after some river walleye, saugeye, crappie and steelhead.  Yes I said steelhead -we have a nice little population right here in the Maumee river that is rarely targeted. Those that know ,know. Even little ole Swan Creek has some nice steelies running through it. Picking a few up doesnt require any crazy gear, your walleye rig from the spring is perfect.  Toss out a natural colored spinner  or a lead head – boucne and slow retrieve across the bottom and see what happens .  That first half mile below the dam in Grand rapids is real good this tome of year and on through November.

NEW FIREARM AND ACCESSORIES WEBPAGE: CLICK ON “DEPARTMENTS” THEN “FIREARMS” ….Over the last several months we have worked developing a Maumee Tackle page for ordering firearms, accessories and outdoor  gear. Click on the “Firearm Sales“ link or “Departments”  to go to the page. From there you can scroll through what we have in stock from our distributor. For example you see a nice 22 pistol -it says in stock, you can order through our page and  it’ll be shipped from a distributor right here to our shop for you to pick up. No transfer fee if it’s delivered here to our shop. If you live out of state you can still order a firearm through our page and have it shipped to a local federal firearms dealer of yours choice . It’s a work in progress, but it’s worth exploring , so if you get a chance take a look and see what we have to offer.



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