maumee river report- 27 march 2022

maumee river report- 27 march 2022
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WEIGHT:  3/4 oz- 1 oz 

COLORS: A good rule of thumb on where to start is “bright colors on brighter sunny days / dark colors on the cloudy overcast days” Walleye dont quite see colors the same way we see them. Keep in mind that we also have all colors available in the slightly larger 4 inch tails. More visible and gives a better vibration  in this murky water

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: do not cross–still too high today-

Brrrrr.. that winter blast the last few days is brutal. 24 degrees yesterday morning and windy   Fish are cold-blooded, so their habits change entirely based on the temperature of the water. During the summer months, fish are extremely active so it’s a lot easier to get them excited so they’ll bite. Going to be a bit slower today, although they are a ton of walleye in here spawning.

Learning a river can take some time, but it’s imperative that you do so. Seasoned fishermen will be able to take a look at a river and be able to pick out the best spots pretty quickly. Here’s what they’re looking for:

Eddies- These are spots of the river that flow in a circular upstream direction. Fish like to hang out in these areas of the river, especially  when the water is cold. Look for these close to obstructions like rocks and tree branches.

Spots where vegetation is heavy or where trees on the banks have branches that hang or have fallen into the river are generally a good area to look for fish. These kinds of river features slow the current and give fish a good place to be.

Slow running areas–White and Orleans- take a look at the river -where does the water look slowest? That’s likely where the fish are going to be. Creek mouths and small inlets are also great places to try. Otherwise, look for obstructions and river bends where things seem to slow down.

Lots O’ Fish In that River!

Have fun and good luck fishing.


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