maumee river report- 29 june 2019

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The water has slowly been dropping , today you probably can safely cross to bluegrass island . The smallmouth bass are feeding on crawfish and minnows, so try using some baits that resemble what they are hunting. One of the preferred baits on the river and lake Erie is a lead head and a “salty tube bait “.   When fished along the bank, rock piles or rapids this resembles a  crawfish skittering along the bottom. A very simple and effective lure thats available in a multitude of colors. .

If you are looking to do a little fly fishing for the smallies now is the time as the conditions are pretty good. We have some great fly fishing combos for beginners as well as a good selection of flies that work well in the area.

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing





Suggested Baits

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