Maumee River report- 29 March 2022

Maumee River report- 29 March 2022
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41 - 42

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Water Clarity

3-4 inches

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WEIGHT:  5/8 – 3/4oz 

COLORS: Green Head/Red Tail, Orange Head/Black Tail, White Head/Glow Tail – A wide variety of colors have been getting the job done lately, but we have been noticing that darker tails with bright colored heads seem to be doing the trick. 

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Should be able to cross today, how ever wait until the metroparks take down the “Do Not Cross ” sign before proceeding.  A lot of anglers have joined the swim team due to impatience. Better yet wait for daylight so you can see where your walking. 

Yesterday was cold, especially in the morning but again those whose toughed it out did well. Some spots along the Towpath produced some early limits. Buttonwood , and out Davis overlook way were also good spots. 

Heres a tip: When you see that one angler that seems to be consistently pulling out walleye , set your rod aside and observe for a few minutes. Not necessarily his rod/reel set up and jig  color ,but more so the  technique. How far is he casting? How long is the leader?  How are they holding the rod– is the tip up or down? How they set the hook..long and slow or a hard jerk? How are they reeling in the fish so as not to lose it? Those kind of things make a huge difference, and most of very good anglers out there have will tell you that the technique is  most critical. Each day is different depending on water levels and current flow, so the technique can change daily as well.

Big jack leader this week. 

Have fun , (nobody catches fish angry), be safe(no swimming) , and good luck fishing.




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