maumee river report- 3 april 2022

maumee river report- 3 april 2022
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WEIGHT:  1/2  -5/8 oz

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: good to cross today.

The forsythia bush ( a natural walleye indicator) is just starting to bust out of the buds. Looks like we are well into the run . However not quite to the peak , still a little ways to go due to the cold weather.

COLORS:These color combos pictured below have been productive the last few days. 

Light intensity plays a part in how a fish sees the color of a lure. Fishing  on a sunny day will allow light from the sky to penetrate much deeper through the water than on a day with clouds, giving your colored lures a greater range of visibility . Some anglers maintain that the choice of color is critical, while others say it is not important.There is good evidence that picking the appropriate color or colors will, under certain conditions, improve your chances of attracting fish.Water, however, presents a challenge for fishermen when it comes to vision and color. Many characteristics of light quickly change as it moves through water. One thing to realize is that the color of your lure in the water is almost always different from what it is in the air. Remember that the attractiveness of your lure is a combination of many things, including its motion, shape, and color, as well as the scents in and depth of the water.

Light and color can get pretty complicated.Very simply  dont forget what we are trying to do: have our lures imitate fish food.  Fish attack prey as an instinctive behavior motivated (or so we think) by one or more stimulus, including movement, shape, sound, contrast, smell, and of course color.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing

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