Maumee River Report – 3 March 2024

Maumee River Report – 3 March 2024
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Water Level

580 -low - wading t Bluegrass island is permitted

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Water Temperature

41 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

6-8 inches

Town music festival is going on today-a lot of the town will be blocked off, but the road to our shop will be open all day for access to the shop.

Open 6a- 6p today. 



WEIGHT: 1/2 oz , 5/8 oz– waters low,  lighter weight.

BLUEGRASS ISLAND:   Crossing is permitted

Saw a few caught here and there – not in there heavy yet. Trickling in as the water warms. 

So the Maumee river water level is very low and shallow right now. There are some advantages to this. First shallow water warms more quickly than deeper water. The warmer water going out into a colder Lake Erie triggers a spawning instinct and the fish begin their trip up river. A second advantage of low water is that now is a good time to get out there and scope out some of the exposed fishing holes. Head out, take a look at the holes and make a mental picture of a landmark so that when the water eventually rises you know where to cast . The walleye love the gravel beds and rocky /brushy areas to spawn. What will happen is a female will get into one of those holes and deposit her eggs. As she is depositing her eggs several males will swarm her to fertilize, those are the spots you’re looking for.

Here is a quick list of some local public access sites, if you are not familiar you are always welcome to stop in the shop for directions.

Maumee Side of River: Jerome Rd Rapids, Sidecut Metropark, Bluegrass Island Crossings, The Towpath and White Street Access.

Perrysburg Side of River: Orleans Park, Orleans hiking path, Ft Meigs, Davis Overlook, Buttonwood Campground

We have a fresh batch of minnows ,and  nightcrawlers .

There is some sort of river myth fairy tale out there that live bait is not permitted during the spawning run- NOT bait is just fine. Some times a piece of juicy night crawler can spark a bite on a slow day.

We need rain.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing. 

Suggested Baits

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