Maumee river report- 5 July 2023

Maumee river report- 5 July 2023
Water Level Icon

Water Level

582-back to norma levels

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Water Temperature

76 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

4-6 inches

We had great 4th of July weekend out here on the river.

The water level is up to normal levels and most of that alege that was gunking up your fishing lines the last month is washed away.

Just like humans, fish search out shade as a respite from the beating sun. It doesn’t matter if the shadows are from a pier or an overhanging tree; fish use shade to protect themselves from the sun and predators in the area. Use spinnerbaits along the underside of a dock, or buzz baits in the shade of a bridge piling. If you’re bass fishing when it’s above 80 degrees, you aren’t likely to get a strike unless you’re fishing the shade. Hot fish usuallyu don’t feel up to feeding for most of the day. One tactic to help you get some hits in the heat is to fish faster. If a fish isn’t going to strike because of hunger, the only type of bite you can expect is a reaction strike. Cast quickly, only allowing the fish a glimpse of your bait. The next time bait passes the fish, it may take a bite more out of instinct than anything else.  If you’re fishing some shallow areas , try zipping  a buzz bait or twitching a plastic jerk bait as quickly as possible. For deeper fishing, use a leadhead   jig and bounce it along the bottom .

Of course you can fish with a wide variety of things on your hook; plastic lures, worms and  leeches work well. To improve your chances of succeeding on your hunt in sweltering weather, usesome live bait at the end of your hook.




Its Season when some of you will be digging out  your Fishing Gear for the  Summer.  Here at Maumee Tackle Fishing Outfitters we have an extremely experienced Reel Repair Specialist. John Refi – the Reel Doctor




The Doc has some tips.

 Preventative Storage Medicine For your Reel

1) Always loosen the Drag before storage. This will prevent your felt drag washers from getting compressed.

2). Check all your screws, loosen screws cause breakdowns.

3). Use Reel Oil only on bearings & drag washers NOT Grease!

4). Finally wipe down your Reel with light Reel Oil on a cloth. Do not use WD.40, the petroleum base will eventually cause paint damage.


Follow these simple DoctorsOrders & your Reels will be  dependable for years to come.

Its also  a great time to have your older reels cleaned & restored. Depending on available part- case by case.

¦Stop In and drop off the Reels and Depending on available parts,We should have them back to you within 1 days.

Dr. John
Fishin For Reels


 Have fun , be safe and good luck fishing





Suggested Baits

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