maumee river report- 6 april, 2020

maumee river report- 6 april, 2020
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First walleye- Congrats!

first cast-706 am

last cast -806 pm

Wading to Bluegrass Island is permitted.

1/2 oz weight

Every bit of 9lbs !

So yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with representatives of the Ohio State department of natural resources wildlife division, the Toledo metroparks, and the Maumee City Police. Here’s my general take away from all of the conversations. First off as fisherman as a whole we’re doing a great job of social distancing out on the river , after that first couple days of everybody getting adjusted to the idea of spreading out none of the authorities have any  real complaints- basically we are doing a good job of policing ourselves and keeping the distance. Keep it up.

One thing they did ask me to mention is that although we are keeping our distance while fishing ,when  we’re done fishing or getting ready to take off, we are tending to huddle up in groups around the bed of the truck , the vehicle, the parking lot, etc. They just asked that I mentioned if you could get in -get your fish enjoy your time- get to your vehicles and then not group up, and move along.  There are folks out there that don’t want us fishing at all, locked in our houses 100%, and any reason whatsoever, including grouping up by your vehicles on the way out to show off your catches, give them a reason to complain -so let’s not give them any legitimate reason. The authorities  have more important things to worry abut than fishermen.   Lets try to keep everyone safe by keeping our distance at all times.

Another good thing that they passed along is that as long as we are conscious of the social distancing making a good effort and keeping that distance- that the river ,the metro parks and the state waterways should be able to remain open throughout the shutdown order.


Enough about that… It makes my head hurt- now let’s talk fishing.

Whoooe! I’ll tell you what fishing conditions this year are damn near perfect We have had rain when we needed it sunshine when we needed it ,high water when we needed it, and now the water is low and we are able to get to all parts of the river and smash those fish. We have had several great days in a row of fishing with a little bit of sunshine and limits coming in daily before 9:00 a.m.. yesterday was fast and furious early then it’s kind of slow down through the rest of the day but it was still a great day to be on the river once that sun came out.


Today is going to be another great day on the river so keep your head up ,spread your arms, enjoy the wind , the moon ,the eagles,the water ,the wildlife and the company of good friends and family

It’s all good on the river.

Have fun be safe and good luck fishing.


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