Maumee river report- 7 feb 2024

Maumee river report- 7 feb 2024
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36-37 degrees

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Water Clarity

2-3 inches

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Well there isn’t a whole lot happening on the Maumee River right now, although we are looking at steadily improving conditions. That means all the rain and  snow melt, has made it through the river and we are right about a fishable level- for now .  The water temperature is still very cold. But a few days of sunshine and maybe some warm rain in the next couple weeks should  do the trick. All that being said… It’s still too early to pick up any spawning walleye. Maybe a stray resident walleye or two –ya never know. I know moving onto the weekend the weather is going to be pretty nice and more than a few local guys have mentioned that they’re going to head out and” test the gear” . Hell why not. Can’t catch ’em from the couch.

Either way stop by the shop we are stocked up and  just about ready to go for when those spawning walleye do make an appearance. And it’s a good time to get a tip or two as to some good spots to test your luck. We are always willing to give you our secret spot right in the open that is never crowded.
have fun, be safe, and good luck Fish

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