Maumee river report 8 march 2022

Maumee river report 8 march 2022
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Water Level

584 on the slow rise

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Water Temperature

41 degrees

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Barometric Pressure


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Water Clarity

6-8 inches





WEIGHT:  3/4 oz- 1 oz

BLUEGRASS ISLAND: Water is on the rise -no go today. The rain from Sunday night  and melting groundwater is contributing to the  slow rise.  Heavier weights today.


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It’s early  in the run , But wow we are off to a very good start. Bluegrass island and Jerome rd rapids were the place to be yesterday.  There is a very good concentration of fish in the river right now.  Fishing pressure was low, the rain and being a Monday kept most anglers away . The few that made it out had pretty good luck we saw just about everybody leave with one or two fish.

High water areas such as white street , orleans park and along the towpath will be good to test out today.

Black head/chartreuse tails,  red head/shimmer shad tails  were two very productive combos yesterday.
Temperature has dropped significantly in the last 24 hours so sometimes that slows down the bite, a good tactic when this happens is to shorten the leader and keep that floating jighead just a little closer to the bottom. Bouncing a leadhead off the bottom old school style is also a good approach in these conditions.


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River Kam : 1 Molly and Buckshot: zip,zero,zilch

Have fun, be safe and good luck fishing

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