Maumee river report- 9 June 2021

Maumee river report- 9 June 2021
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581.5 on the rise

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30.07 in

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Water Clarity

10 in

Do I need to say it again–CATFISH ARE BITING !

Wow check out this catfish this young man pulled in all by himself–nice river pig.

Catfish aren’t exactly what you call picky eaters. The classic bait for catfish is nightcrawlers, you can’t go wrong with one of those juicy guys on the end of your hook. Right now all up and down the Maumee River from downtown all the way up here in Grand Rapids by Providence dam the catfish bite is on. Whether you are looking for that big 40 lb trophy cat, or looking for some good eaters for a  dinner, they’re in there right now and feeding heavily.

Shad and minnow also have mass appeal when it comes to the river cats, and remember in this instance size does matter. Those big old 20 lb plus cats don’t get that size eating little bitty worms, rig your rod for shark,throw on a big old carp head , or a big shad and hang on.

Stink bait-The best situation to use stink bait in is when you’re fishing warm, moving water or anytime the water is turbid and has low visibility. If you’re on a creek or river in the summer, you won’t find a better option for catching lots of eater cats. Chicken parts such as livers, hearts and gizzards are great. The pre-packaged stink bait is good as well. Wear gloves when handling or you’ll smell like stink all day. 


We are fully stocked with LIVE BAIT for the spring .

At both locations Maumee and Grand Rapids  unless otherwise noted

Emerald Shiners – $2.99- Maumee only

Frozen Shiners- $3.99 tub

Nightcrawlers- $2.45 per doz

$4.40 per  2 doz

Green Nightcrawlers- $3.50 per doz

Leeches- $4.99 per doz-Maumee only

Wax worms-$3.50 for 50ct- Maumee only

$14.99 for 250 ct

Crawfish- $4.99 doz

Come on out and hit the river.

Open every single day for rentals at our Maumee, OH location-419-893-3474

Open every day except for Monday at our Grand Rapids,OH location-419-830-3077




Have fun, be safe, good luck fishing-see you on the river!

Suggested Baits

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