Maumee river report and November Firearms sale-We are packed to the gills in the Kayak showroom

Maumee river report and November Firearms sale-We are packed to the gills in the Kayak showroom
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12 inch

Seeing some good stuff come out of the river, walleye , saugeye and crappie most specifically . No steelhead yet but Im sure we’ll see some soon .

In most instances no matter the situation or season, the most effective way to catch crappies is with live bait.–Minnows rigged under a bobber . Don’t over think it , keep it simple

Hittin good in the creek mouths…. Minner under a bobber, fluorocarbon leaders.

The crappie are biting, water temps are just right. Drop a minnow out and see what happens. Emerald shiners in stock by the way.

The night walleye bite is still very good – we have plenty of bombers,, bandits, reef runners, husky jerks, p-10s, and more.


New in stock Fire arms

Taurus Judge Tracker -45/410

Taurus Judge Tracker -45/410 $559.99


Taurs G2C- 9mm, OD Green $299.99


Radikal NK-1 Bullpup – 12Gauge- Home Defense SALE PRICE _$449.99


Taurus 38 Special -Model 856- 6 shot SALE PRICE -$349.99

And Much more..

Getaway 110 HD II-  Pedal drive-$1039.99

New kayaks – Over 100 in stock– Lots of styles and price ranges to chose from. Fishing- Recreational -Pedal drives and Paddle boards too.


Here is the reality of the kayak situation : As you all know the product supply chain is tentative at best. I have these kayaks NOW. Will I have them in the spring /summer? Don’t know if my resupplies will show up. The kayaks we received this past  few weeks were ordered a year ago. We don’t like being pushy when it comes to sales , however if you are interested in a new kayak , now is a good time to start looking while we still have a good selection.

Kayaks look good under the Christmas tree….just sayin.



Liska Angler-$1449.99

Liska FD-pedal drive

Coosa FD- Pedal Drive- $3399.99

Bite Angling-

Bite FD-pedal drive-$2349.99

Mayfly Angling- $2049.99

Yupik Angling-$1549.99

Tupelo 12-$1049.99

Tupelo 12.5-$1149.99

Kilroy HD-$1689.99


Cruise 10- $949.99

Riviera Tandem-$999.99


Argo 100XR-$549.99

Argo 136XP Tandem-$869.99

Catch 100 fishing kayak-Best bang for your buck!-$759.99

Catch Power 100-$1139.99

Sprint 120XR-$754.99

Sentinal 100XP Angler-$459.99

Getaway 110 HD II-  Pedal drive-$1039.99



Aspire 105- $999.99

Pungo 105=$1049.99

Pungo 120- $1149.99

Recon 120-Pedal Drive- $2499.99

Radar 11.5- $1499.99


Cove 14.5 Tandem-$999.99

RIPTIDE- 10’6″  Stand Up Paddlesboard-$869.99






Suggested Baits

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